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Partner Marketing Resources

Explore marketing resources and one-sheets to share information about SmartBiz and the different small business loans that we offer through our lending partners. Reach out to your Partner Manager with any questions.

Getting Started

We’re here to help you thrive as a SmartBiz partner. Let's get started!

Partner Onboarding Guide

Learn more about Partner Assist setup, our products and best marketing practices for you to reach your clients effectively.


Marketing One-Sheets

Download different Smartbiz product overviews to share with your clients as they get started in the application process.

Bank Term Loan Product Guide


SBA 7(a) Product Guide


SBA 7(a) vs. Term Loan


About SmartBiz & SBA 7(a)


Line of Credit


Streamlined SBA



Stay up-to-date on our latest product news and more by reviewing our most recent webinar presentations.

SBA 7(a) Funding - Help your clients prepare a complete application for faster results

Review details and updates about SBA loans, how you can talk about SBA loan options with your clients, and how you can help clients prepare to apply for an SBA loan.


Share information about SmartBiz

Website Copy

Access our pre-approved copy to share more about SmartBiz on your website

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Website Copy

Marketing Email Copy

Access our copy to use when sending marketing emails to your clients about who we are and what products we offer through our bank partners - including SBA 7(a) loans, term loans and lines of credit.

Marketing Email Copy: SBA Loans, Term Loans & Custom Financing

Email your clients about who we are and how our funding options can help SMBs. Highlight in detail some of the products that we offer, including SBA 7(a) loans, term loans and custom financing.


Marketing Email Copy: Streamlined SBA

Email your clients about our streamlined SBA loan product ranging from $30,000-$150,000. These loans require less documentation and are not subject to cash flow underwriting requirements.


Marketing Email Copy: Line of Credit

Email your clients specifically about our line of credit product offering. This email copy highlights in detail some of the key benefits of applying for and utilizing a line of credit.


SmartBiz Logos

Download our logos to use on your website, emails or marketing collateral 

SmartBiz Logo (Black)
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SmartBiz Logo (Grey Scale)
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SmartBiz Logo (White)
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Co-Branded Banners

Create co-branded banners to announce your partnership with SmartBiz

SmartBiz Cobranded Banner
Feel free to reach out to your partner manager or email us at